China And Russia Are Rushing To Build The Next Generation Of Weapons

A MiG-31 interceptor equipped with the supersonic Kinzhal missile. © Yevgeniy Biyatov / Sputnik

USNI News: Pentagon Research Chief Nominee: China, Russia Racing to Develop Next Generation Weapon Technology

The nominee for the Pentagon’s first research and engineering chief warned a Senate panel that China and Russia risk outpacing the U.S. in key technology areas like artificial intelligence and hypersonic.

Former defense executive, DARPA program manager and NASA associate administrator Lisa Porter told the Senate Armed Services Committee said platforms like U.S. aircraft carriers would be at risk from a weapon moving five times the speed of sound and “you can’t see it, you can’t take it down.”

Using space as another example of new challenges, Porter said, “I believe Russia and China hold our assets [satellites] at risk” and they see “it as a domain where they need to take away our advantage.”

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