Colombian President Santos Believes 'Regime Change' Will Be Coming Very Soon To Venezuela

Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (not pictured) give a statement to the media in Budapest, Hungary, May 11, 2018. REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo

Miami Herald: A 'regime change' is coming very soon to Venezuela — according to Colombia

Bogota, Colombia: Trapped in an economic, social and political crisis, Venezuela will see “regime change” soon, predicted Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, saying the once-rich nation can no longer survive its corrupt leadership.

Speaking at a business conference in Hungary on Friday, Santos called Venezuela one of his country’s “biggest problems,” saying the ongoing humanitarian crisis and exodus of Venezuelan is straining social services.

“Venezuela is the richest country, by far, in Latin America because it has the world’s largest oil reserves, even larger than Saudi Arabia,” Santos said. “And with a change in the regime — which will happen and happen very soon — the Venezuelan economy, with a little bit of good government, will grow rapidly and the opportunities for Colombia will be enormous.”

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Update: Colombia's Santos sees 'regime change' soon in Venezuela (Reuters)

WNU editor: I do not have access to the intelligence that Colombian President Santos has, but I do not share his point of view. The Venezuelan people are hungry and they have been broken, and there are still enough of them who will continue to believe in the Chavez revolution and will support Venezuelan President Maduro to remain in power even if 80% to 90% of the population do not. As for those who oppose the current regime .... the Maduro government is now employing a Castro solution to get rid of them .... they are telling them to leave which millions are now doing .... One Million Venezuelans Have Fled To Colombia In The Past Year (May 10, 2018)

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