Journalists Give Their Story On What Happened When They Accompanied Mike Pompeo To North Korea

What the world saw: Pompeo and Kim Jong-un pose for a photograph issued by North Korean state media after their 90 minute talk on Wednesday May 9

Daily Mail: Journalist who accompanied Mike Pompeo to North Korea reveals how the trip was shrouded in secrecy and shares candid photo of Secretary of State dining with dignitaries

* Associated Press reporter Mike Lee went with Pompeo to Pyongyang last week
* He and Washington Post reporter Carol Morello were the only journalists there
* When they arrived, they did not know if Pompeo would meet with Kim Jong-un
* They also did not know if three US men being held as prisoners would be freed
* Jong-un and Pompeo met for 90 minutes on Wednesday behind closed doors
* Ten minutes later, they learned that the three men would be released
* They all left together on one plane then split into two while refueling in Japan
* Pompeo stayed on his plane with the journalists and the men went on another

One of two journalists who accompanied Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang this week has described how his presence on the secretive trip came about.

Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee was asked along with The Washington Post's Carol Morello to accompany Pompeo on the trip days before they went.

They were not told where they would be going but were asked to apply for special passports that would grant them entry to the country.

When they suddenly took off on Monday night, they did not know if Pompeo would be able to secure the release of three US prisoners who had been held in North Korean custody for more than a year.

In a report published on Saturday, Lee describes the trip and how it differed to every other he has made as a State Department reporter.

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Update: Traveling with Pompeo on secret mission to North Korea (AP)

WNU Editor: A fascinating story.

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