Palestinians Are Now Launching Waves Of Kites With Molotov Cocktails Across The Gaza Border Into Israel

A kite marked with a swastika carrying a petrol bomb flying across the Gaza border into Israel on April 20, 2018 (IDF spokesman)

The Warzone/The Drive: Palestinians Now Sending Waves Of Incendiary Kites Across Gaza Border

The asymmetric warfare tactic may look laughable at first glance but it's proving to be devastatingly effective against Israeli farms and forests.

As part of the latest flare-up (literally) in the never-ending Palestinian-Israel conflict, kites carrying incendiary payloads are being sent from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, setting off a scourge of highly destructive fires. One blaze in the Be'eri Forest has been particularly devastating. Agricultural lands have also been set on fire by the wind-carried improvised weapons in recent days. Launches of burning kites have coincided with a rash of violent protests near the border fences that separate Gaza from greater Israel. Referred to collectively as the "Great March Of Return,' these demonstrations have turned deadly, with some reports stating that 7,000 Gazans have been injured and 45 killed as a result of skirmishes with Israeli forces.

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WNU Editor: As an asymetric warfare tactic .... this is actually brilliant. You cannot shoot these kites down. They are incredibly easy and cheap to make. And their impact could be devastating.

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