President Trump: Time And Place For North Korea Meeting Has Been Decided

Daily Mail/Reuters: We've got a time and place for my summit with Kim Jong Un boasts Trump but he says U.S. troops in South Korea are NOT on the table for talks

* President Trump says that the time and location for the summit meeting with North Korea's dictator has been settled and will be announce 'soon'
* Last month Kim met South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the Peace House in the DMZ and Trump had floated a second summit in the zone on Twitter
* President will push for Kim to give up his nuclear weapons program in its entirety during the meeting
* Trump said Friday that he would not use the U.S. military presence in South Korea as a bargaining chip saying troops were 'off the table'

President Donald Trump on Friday said the date and location have been set for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, building suspense for the unprecedented talks and hinting at progress in freeing three Americans held in North Korea.

The White House has said the first meeting between sitting U.S. and North Korean leaders could take place in the coming weeks. Trump is expected to push for North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.

The demilitarized zone, or DMZ, between North and South Korea and Singapore are among the top choices being considered for the summit. Trump this week expressed a preference for the DMZ but also said Singapore was possible.

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WNU Editor: It looks like it is going to be the DMZ.

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