Should America Be Blamed For Iran's Aggression Towards Israel?

PJ Media: CNN's Cuomo Asks if America Should Be Blamed for Iranian Aggression Toward Israel

If you have to choose one aspect of the liberal worldview to hate the most, it should be that impulse to blame bad, negative reactions to sound policy on the sound policy, rather than the bad actor.

To put it in fewer words, we can't change what we do out of fear of reprisal. Well, we shouldn't anyway.

It's funny that this concept is not entirely lost on our friends on the left or our betters in the press. After a terror attack, much lip service is given to the continuation of daily life—to not change who we are or what we do in order to placate evil. But it only seems to apply, for them, to mundane things like attending concerts or trips to the ballpark.

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WNU Editor: Most Americans do not remember and/or were too young .... but the media debate in the days following 9/11 was focused on ... what did America do that made Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda launch this attack, and why do Muslims hate America. Flash forward to today .... the same nonsense is being voiced. The truth is actually very simple. The Middle East has been in conflict for ages .... and the conflicts are religious/sectarian/and political in nature. Even if the U.S. did not exist .... these wars will still be there. So why the recurring debate in the U.S. on this subject? The answer is also simple. This has more to do with U.S. politics, and using international events to push an internal agenda .... and in the case of CNN .... to push their anti-Trump agenda. After-all .... this was never (if ever) brought up by the main stream media when President Obama was in office .... but the conflicts were just as intense then as they are now.

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