This Slow Ship Is Probably The Most Important Ship In The U.S. Navy

We Are The Mighty: Why this weak, slow ship is the most important one in the fleet

She doesn't look like much. Weighing in at just under 19,000 tons, this ship doesn't have much in the way of firepower, either. She's relatively slow with a top speed of 23 knots. So, when you look at a Blue Ridge-class ship, you may wonder to yourself, "just what the heck is this thing's purpose?"

The short answer: She's the brains of the fleet. To be more precise, she's there to "provide command and control for fleet commanders" according to the United States Navy. But it's not entirely uncommon for a lesser-armed ship to take on such an important role.

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WNU Editor: I have been studying wars and conflicts and the tools and weapons that are used to wage them for decades. But I have never knew about this ship .... and there are two of them. It also makes sense .... the U.S. Navy will need a command and control center to monitor and coordinate its fleet.

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