U.S. Army Will Not Charge Soldiers Caught On Video Firing On A Civilian Truck In Afghanistan


VICE News: Exclusive: The Army won’t charge troops caught on video shooting at an Afghan truck

American troops who were caught on video shooting at a moving convoy in Afghanistan will not face criminal charges, the U.S. Army Criminal Command told VICE News Friday.

Christopher Grey, Chief of Public Affairs for the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, said the investigation, which was launched in January after a video of the incident surfaced on YouTube, found American troops had acted “in accordance with the rules of engagement.”

In the video, an American service member appears to fire his weapon at the driver of what looked like a civilian truck as a U.S. military convoy sped by. The projectile punched through the driver’s side window of the truck at head level. It was unclear from the video if the driver was struck by the projectile or whether he was armed.

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Update: Army Won’t Charge Soldiers Captured On Video Firing On Civilian Truck In Afghanistan (Task & Purpose)

WNU Editor: The Pentagon should provide more information on this incident. I am left with more questions than answers.

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