Walker gets the blame for poorly prepping Foxconn

Gov. Walker says Foxconn is baffled by objections to its Racine County project, but it seems to me that Walker poorly prepped the company he aggressively wooed.
“They’re just confused, as you can imagine anyone would be from outside this state..."
No doubt Walker didn't urge Foxconn to study the Wisconsin Constitution to see that water rights and access are so important here that they're embedded in the state constitution, according to information posed by the Walker-run DNR.

I'ts called the Public Trust Doctrine. Sounds rather pivotal, no?

And did Walker suggest that Foxconn take note of the multiple references to environmental preservation and priorities in the DNR mission statement?

He probably didn't tell Foxconn that the last time Wisconsin moved to divert Great Lakes water, the process took years and a final decision came with limitations laid down by the other Great Lakes states which indicated they were keeping a close eye on Wisconsin.

And I'm sure Walker didn't tell Foxconn that Wisconsin is home to some of the countries most important conservationists, including John Muir, Aldo Leopold and Gaylord Nelson, and that it's Walker who is out of step here and, not these legacy leaders and his predecessors in office.

And probably didn't tell Foxconn that people statewide who are driving on some of the worst roads in the country, and who know that their tax dollars are routinely spent on projects far from their smaller cities and towns, would be somewhere between suspicious and ticked off that billions from the state treasury are ticketed to assist and subsidize a single, profitable multi-national business they'd never of, but whose jobs are easily accessible to people in Illinois.

If Walker told Foxconn he had everything under control, locked down and guaranteed, he omitted a lot of inconvenient facts and precedents.

And that's on him.

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