Is The U.S. Army Discharging Immigrant Recruits?

James Joyner, Outside The Beltway: Army Refutes AP ‘Army Discharging Immigrant Recruits’ Story

The situation isn't as awful as portrayed by the AP---but it's still pretty bad.

Yesterday morning’s post “Trump’s Shameful Betrayal of Immigrant Soldiers” passed on an AP report from Thursday afternoon titled “US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits.” The Army is pushing back on the report, but that push-back is getting much less attention than the original story.

Jeff Schogol and Adam Linehan of the military-oriented website Task & Purpose argue that the AP report has essentially been debunked (“No, President Trump Is Not Purging The Military Of Immigrants“):

The Department of Defense is strongly disputing a recent article by the Associated Press that suggests the United States Army has begun purging its ranks of non-U.S. citizens as the Trump administration ramps up efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

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WNU Editor: The original AP stroy is here .... AP NewsBreak: US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits (AP). Task & Purpose refutes this AP story is here .... No, President Trump Is Not Purging The Military Of Immigrants (Task and Purpose). The story from the AP that the US Army is discharging immigrant recruits is now worldwide. But as the above analysis from "Ouside the Beltway" points out, the story is far more complcated than what the AP story is presenting, or the Task & Purpose response that refutes this AP story.

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