U.S. - German Relations Continue To Be 'Cold' After Today's NATO Summt

The Hill: Trump’s relationship with Merkel sinks even lower

President Trump’s relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel seemingly couldn’t get any colder.

The two have been at odds since before his presidency began.

Trump ripped Merkel during the campaign and didn't shake her hand the first time she visited Washington after his inauguration.

Merkel, who enjoyed a strong relationship with President Obama, has responded in kind. Her office released a now-famous photo after the G-7 summit in Canada earlier this year that appeared to depict her staring down Trump. For many, the photo highlighted Trump's isolation among Western leaders.

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Update: German politicians rally round Angela Merkel after Donald Trump's NATO tirade (DW)

WNU Editor: There has been animosity between President Trump and Angela Merkel's government since the 2016 U.S. election campaign. This is nothing new .... Things Donald Trump said about Angela Merkel – and vice versa (DW).

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