Where Are All The Anti-Trump Protestors In Brussels?

NTK: Anti-Trump Protest at NATO Draws Only a Couple Dozen

"Make Peace Great Again" organizers were expecting a few thousand protestors for President Trump's visit, but only a couple dozen showed up.

“Make Peace Great Again” organizers were expecting few thousand protestors to gather outside the NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday evening to protest President Trump’s attendance, but only a couple dozen demonstrators showed up.

Euro News’ Damon Embling reported that organizers were expecting a few thousand people to attend the protest, but just a few dozen turned out.

The protesters were rallying around the slogan “Make Peace Great Again,” a play on Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

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WNU Editor: Brussels turned out to be a bomb for the protestors. But the press is building up for huge protests in the U.K..

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