The Cameroon Government Has Launched A 'Dirty War' Against The English Minority

Cameroon's linguistic tensions have a long history whose origins can be traced back to the colonial era. DW

AFP: 'Dirty war' ravages Cameroon's anglophone region

Buea (Cameroon) (AFP) - They call it a "dirty war" -- a silent conflict in Cameroon's anglophone region marked by near-daily attacks by separatists and a brutal army backlash that shows no sign of abating.

Over the past eight months, scores of police, soldiers and civilians have died in the heartland of francophone Cameroon's English-speaking minority.

Homes have been torched, shops looted, complaints of summary arrest and detention are common and, according to UN estimates, tens of thousands have fled their homes.

"In less than two weeks, there were attacks on the motorcades of the chief of staff, the governor and me as well," said General Donatien Nouma Melingui, in charge of military operations in the Southwest Region, which with the neighbouring Northwest Region is home to most of Cameroon's anglophones.

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WNU Editor: This is rapidly escalating into a sectarian civil war based on language.

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