Two Former Key Advisers To Ex-FBI Director James Comey Have Resigned

Newsweek: Comey Advisers James Baker And Lisa Page Resign From FBI

Two former key advisers to ex-FBI director James Comey are leaving the bureau.

James Baker, who served as the FBI’s top lawyer and was one of Comey's closests aides before being reassigned under current director Christopher Wray, resigned Friday, reported The New York Times.

Baker will be writing for the Broookings Institution's Lawfare blog, focussed on national security matters.

Lisa Page, who served as a legal adviser to Comey and his deputy, Andrew McCabe, is also resigning, according to the report.

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Update #1: FBI officials Lisa Page and James Baker resign (CNN)
Update #2: FBI officials Jim Baker, Lisa Page resign from bureau (FOX News)

WNU Editor: When Lisa Page's personal texts to former deputy chief of the FBI's counterintelligence division Peter Strzok were released exposing her partisanship and hatred towards President Trump .... her credibility was gone. I am just surprised that she has taken this long to resign.

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