U.S. Navy To Conduct Shock Trials On The New USS Ford Aircraft Carrier

© Photo : Wikipedia/U.S. Navy

FOX News/Warrior Maven: Navy to explode bombs near new USS Ford carrier and finalize weapons

The U.S. Navy is planning to finalize weapons integration on its new USS Ford carrier and explode bombs in various sea conditions near the ship to prepare for major combat on the open seas, service officials said.

Service weapons testers will detonate a wide range of bombs, to include a variety of underwater sea mines to assess the carrier’s ability to withstand enemy attacks “Shock Trials,” as they are called, are typically one of the final stages in the Navy process designed to bring warships from .development to operational deployment.

“The USS Gerald R. Ford will conduct further trails and testing, culminating in full-ship shock trials. The ship will then work up for deployment in parallel with its initial operational testing and evaluation,” William Couch, an official with Naval Sea Systems Command, told Warrior Maven.

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Update: ‘Shock Trials’ Argument Latest Snag in $13B Saga of Ford Class Aircraft Carrier (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: I do not understand the U.S. Navy's reluctance to conduct shock trials. If there is a problem you want to know it now .... not in wartime.

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